AiroFog U120 ULV Fogger


At almost double the speed of anything on the market, Airofog U120 ULV Sprayer is built with a RUGGED 700-watt induction motor and fan generating an amazing 38,000 RPM and air speed of 426.5 feet-per-second with the ULV traveling more than 40 feet!


German engineering and design (with technology used by NASA and the US Army Air Mobility R&D Laboratory). A vortex double-turbine nozzle and a double-turbine atomizer work in two stages to break up liquid at a high velocity. Liquid passes through a conical diffuser, compressed air passes a second time in an opposite direction (the second turbine nozzle technology) to sheer the liquid particles to a consistent 15 microns. The fine aerosol droplets from this sprayer will remain airborne for a long period of time and are dispersed over a large area by the powerful air outlet at the nozzle.

Delivers the perfect fog. The Airofog U120 ULV Sprayer is engineered to deliver the perfect micron droplet at the perfect flow rate, maximizing efficacy, while avoiding over saturation.

Features and Benefits

• Recommended for Artemis products
• Provides consistent 15- to 25-micron sized particles
• Spray distance of up to 40 feet
• 700-watt induction motor and fan generates 38,000 RPM and air speed of 426.5 feet-per-second
• Almost double the speed of other ULV sprayers on-the-market
• Air-inlet filter for long engine life
• 20” high-quality flexible hose
• HDPE, UV-resistant, variable-flow control
• 1.25-gallon solution, easy-to-fill side tank cap for solution mixture
• Double woven heavy-duty carrying strap, 2” wide
• Engineered in Germany for ultra-reliability and maximum performance







AIROFOG U120 ULV SPRAYER 11 13″ 14″ 17″


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Airofog U120 ULV Cold SprayerAiroFog U120 ULV Fogger