Serum Products, Stain Remover, Serum CU, 1 Gallon


SERUM CU is a formulated 18% Hydrogen Peroxide solution containing surface active agents that enhance wetting. Enhanced wetting breaks surface tension to penetrate deep into the fiber’s substrate.

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SERUM CU is uniquely formulated to attack and remove organic stains and odors. As SERUM CU evaporates from the carpet or fabric the only thing left behind is water and oxygen. Leaving a fresh clean scent.

What SERUM CU Will Do For You:
• Totally Removes Pet Urine and Odor – Gets the Yellow Out
• Removes Pet Body Oils and Odors
• Makes Blood Instantly Disappear
• Removes Wine Stains and Odor
• ph Buffered at 3.5 to Protect Carpet & Dye Set.
• No More BrownOuts
• Brings All Organics to the Surface for Easy Extraction
• After Pre-Spot and/or Pre- Spray Application,

• Does Not Require Acid Rinse or Alkaline Extraction Detergents
• Has No Added Deodorizers
• Shortens Cleaning Cycle – Increasing Productivity
• Eliminates Other Chemicals Normally Used
• Reduces Chemical Inventory
• Leaves A Pleasant Anti-Septic Fragrance

For Hydroforce Application: for high pressure models, add ready to use SERUM CU in hydroforce container, no mixing required. The yellow tip is recommended for a 1:8 dilution ratio. Cleaning Directions: apply evenly to carpet with hydroforce. Allow up to 10 minute dwell time. Apply generously to heavy stains. Clean and extract with HOT WATER ONLY. See reverse side for more instructions.

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Serum CUSerum Products, Stain Remover, Serum CU, 1 Gallon